food intolerance and vitamin,
mineral, and nutritional deficiency

This is so much more than just a test. The session includes a brief or medium health and nutritional consultation. You will benefit from Monique's knowledge and experience as a holistic nutrition and functional medicine practitioner in analysing your health problems and interpreting your results.

Suitable for adults and children, the test is safe, painless, accurate, non-invasive and provides instant results. Using electro-dermal technology, the sophisticated Asyra system tests biological responses and sensitivity levels for hundreds of substances. These can include foods, toxins, pollens, animal dander, dust mites, artificial additives and vitamins, minerals and nutritional deficiencies.

Cylinder electrodes held in each hand simply take rapid painless readings from several acupuncture points. The test is completed in just minutes. The machine will help to pinpoint foods, allergens or deficiencies that may be causing you problems.

A detailed report is produced at the end of the test, and is usually emailed to you.

Food intolerances can often be reversed after a period of elimination and recommended treatment and advice. You will be provided with information on safe nutritional alternatives, including supplements and superfoods, which if followed correctly should help your body to recover.

The same technology can carry out complex health screening to help identify causes of health imbalances.

The test is suitable for anyone other than those with an old style pacemaker and young babies not yet on solid food.

A simple painless test, could change your life for ever!

Asyra system

Food intolerance testing equipment using the sophisticated Asyra system