"Following a very unhelpful consultation with a surgeon who suggested surgery for my diverticulitis, I had a consultation with Monique. It was miraculous! Within two days I was feeling a great deal better. Now, three months later, I am continuing to improve and have resumed my activities. I am delighted with Monique's kindly help and have recommended her to all my friends."

P Trinick, from Sussex, aged 80

"After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis autoimmune disease, and going through the menopause, I felt totally burnt out and disinterested in life. So I decided to look at natural health and nutrition. After a long chat with Monique, she set about getting me well again. A test showed that my adrenals were also completely flat, so I definitely knew I had to work with Monique – she is a very good listener and picks up on your symptoms. After a few weeks following Monique's programme I started to see a difference in my health. Two years on, I am so pleased with the results. I have come through the menopause and my thyroid is balanced with the food I eat, along with my supplements. My adrenals and thyroid are back to a healthy level, and I have a new lease of life. My consultant recently discharged me and remarked that it was a miracle! I will never be completely free of Hashimoto's, but I am managing it without clinical drugs."

Wendy, from Ovingdean

"I always find Monique so inspirational and revitalising!"

Liz, from West Sussex

"Monique gave me a thorough overview of my health situation and I trust her implicitly. My energy has slowly but steadily returned and my headaches have subsided under the guidance of food state supplements which I have found so much more powerful then any other supplements plus a good common sense approach to all issues."

EJ, from Brighton

"My consultation was amazingly therapeutic. Monique took time to build up a complete picture of my health issues - so reassuring compared to our over-stretched NHS services. I really appreciated her calm and positive manner. It's also inspiring to see how she has managed her own health problems successfully, and now can pass on advice that she knows from personal experience will work. I've ended up feeling much more motivated, and encouraged that the changes she sensibly suggests I take at my own pace will make a real difference. My Asyra session completed the picture. It was a short and easy test with results that confirmed many of Monique's insights. I recommend this knowledgeable practitioner."

Kathryn, from Brighton

"I can't believe it! After all those years of having cold feet with Raynaud's Syndrome and seeing specialists about it. this is the first time I have not felt cold, thanks to your recommendations."

Ian, from New Zealand (e-consultation)

"Monique has contributed to The Little Times since its conception 18 months ago. In this magazine for families with young children she has written articles on all aspects of nutrition, including Sugar, Oils, Boosting the Immune System, Natural Snacks, Quick and Healthy Finger Foods, Natural First Aid Tips for Summer, and Natural Health Remedies.

Being a parent is often stressful, tiring and complicated. Monique draws on her extensive knowledge of nutrition and natural health to offer my readers simple and natural solutions to their everyday dietary and health challenges.

Her advice has influenced my own family's nutrition and health - for example, I didn't buy expensive, chemical-based products this summer as I knew I could use ginger for travel sickness and onion, vinegar and salt for stings!

Her wisdom and vision have been part of the magazine's success and I will be forever grateful for her contribution."

Kathleen Sinclair, The Little Times 

"With Monique's advice, understanding and support, I've started to understand my own health better and have made changes in my life that have left me feeling better than I have in years. I wish I'd had the benefits of her expertise years ago! She's helped me see how I can manage my health myself, and how the decisions I make affect me. The future is looking positive."

H, from Brighton

"Après un questionnaire et des échanges de mails fréquents, Monique est certaine que j'ai le candida. Elle me propose de suivre un régime, une série de compléments et de vitamines à prendre. Ma santé s'est beaucoup améliorée. Je n'ai plus de ballonements, je digère beaucoup mieux. J'ai essayé différents traitements depuis environ 15 ans, et c'est la seule fois où j'ai obtenu des résultats aussi satisfaisants! De plus à chacune de mes questions, Monique a toujours pris le temps de me répondre. Je suis ravie d'avoir fait appel à elle."

Valérie Poirier, Suisse (e-consultation)

Translation: "After completing a questionnaire and frequent exchanges of email, Monique was certain that I had candida and recommended I follow a specific diet and take a series of supplements. My health has dramatically improved. I have no more bloating and digest much better. This is the only time I have had such a good result after having tried various treatments over 15 years! Monique has always taken the time to answer me and I am so delighted to have contacted her."

Valerie Poirier, Switzerland (e-consultation)

"I thoroughly recommend a consultation with Monique. She has expert knowledge in numerous different fields and will always work with you at a pace that is comfortable to you, healing the body with natural ingredients."

Melanie Tilbury, holistic nutritional practitioner colleague

"Nutley Hall is a residential home for people with special needs. We have had positive results with nutrition and specialised diets before, so we contacted Monique who came to Nutley Hall to test two residents for food intolerances. Monique was helpful from the very first contact. She was very friendly and warm, and was able to put our residents at ease. We found Monique's findings and recommendations insightful and implemented some her suggestions to the definite benefit of our residents."

Bara Filipkova, House Unit Co-ordinator

"I found Monique through the internet so I thought I might be taking a risk. I explained in an email that I had just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid. After receiving some free advice, I realised that she was interested in my health rather than getting me to make an appointment. I did make an appointment and found that Monique gave me very friendly, personal and professional attention. It was great advice, with lots of self-help information and recommendations of where I could get things to incorporate into my new diet. I have to say that five weeks later I felt so good that I didn't feel I needed to go back. Good for me (but no so good for Monique!)."

Linda, from Brighton

"My two-month-old baby girl was quickly better from her colic following your recommendations. Thank you."

Linda, from Holland (e-consultation)

"Thanks for all your support during wellbeing week in March 2009."

Sue & The Wellbeing Team, Brighton University

"Having had chronic fatigue for a number of years, I found that Monique's regime of dietary advice and supplements has started to help increase my energy level as well as renewing my optimism about attaining a full recovery."

Jane from Berkshire

"My 10-year-old son is feeling much better and more confident following the food intolerance test and your recommendations.Thank you."

A client from Woodingdean

"My wife is feeling very well and has not had any more eating problems. Since seeing you she has changed her diet and is regularly taking the supplements you recommended, and it all seems to be working."

A client from Saltdean

"Monique's caring and ongoing support, encouragement, and advice have helped me enormously in making changes to my diet, thinking, and habits. This new motivation to make different choices has really enabled me to improve my health and wellbeing."

Linda from Reading